Krista Christensen

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Poet For Hire

Commemorate Any Special Occasion with a Poem

Special occasion poems are written just for you and tailored meet your needs. Purchase a custom sonnet for your valentine, an ode to your partner, an elegy for a loved one that’s passed on, or other form for any occasion which deserves the loving touch of poetry.

Sonnets, Odes, and other love poems:

Perfect for anniversaries, engagement proposals and parties, weddings, births of children, and more

Ballads, Elegies, and other homages:

Ideal for celebrations of life, high school graduations, birthdays and other rites of passage

How do I commission a poem?

An hour long interview with the poet will kick off your commission. In this interview, I ask questions about the subject in order to craft the most authentic and representative poem for the occasion. I’m looking mostly for descriptive details and representative events and situations. I’ll also determine your tastes in poetry to figure the most appropriate poetic form and style to meet your preferences.

Within ten days of the phone interview, I’ll present you with a draft of the poem, usually by email, for your approval. Once you approve the text of your poem, I will print it on archival quality paper so that it’s ready for framing, and either hand deliver it to you or send it via a rigid photo mailer by US Mail.

What if I’m unhappy with my poem?

If you are not completely satisfied with the draft, I will incorporate your feedback into a new draft; one poem revision comes standard. Additional revisions beyond the one included are a fixed hourly rate.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary based on the type and length of the poem, but as a general rule, a standard love sonnet runs between $75 and $100.  Longer poems run anywhere from $100-$300. Poems purchased as a package (for example, two sonnets for a marriage ceremony) receive a discounted rate.


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