Krista Christensen

Read Write Teach Love


If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.

–Haruki Murakami

The TOP THREE’s for Spring 2015:

  • Literary Nonfiction:
    • The Butterfly Mosque
    • The Pat Boone Fan Club
    • Ready for Air


  • The Craft of Writing:
    • Handling the Truth
    • Bird by Bird
    • How to Become a Famous Author Before You’re Dead


  • Spirituality:
    • When Things Fall Apart
    • The Art of Happiness
    • The Dhammapada


On my TO READ list for Summer 2015:

  • Literary Nonfiction:
    • The Book of Knowledge and Wonder
    • Lovesick
    • Cabin Fever


  • The Writer’s Craft:
    • Fearless Confessions
    • The Artist’s Way
    • Tell it Slant


  • Spirituality:
    • Awakening Through Love
    • The Buddha’s Brain
    • Going on Being

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